Galactic 7 is a multiple CNFT series where you’ll meet the different characters from the Galactic 7 squad, a group of friends and creatures united to rescue the prince heir and bring back peace to the galaxy.

Zenith is the main character and only 847 Galactic 7 Zenith NFTs are in circulation. Now, meet Zenith’s wife - Dara. Dara means "pearl of wisdom".

Zenith & Dara CNFTs Collection

Galatic 7 Zenith and Dara series is a limited collection of 847 CNFTs for each character.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The rarity chart can be found on Discord or using these links.

    CNFT.Tools: Zenith

    CNFT.Tools: Dara

    Rarity chart: Zenith

    Rarity chart: Dara

  • Yes, Galactic 7 CNFTs will have Royalties using CIP-0027 standard. Royalties will be set at 4% and they will be distributed as follows:
    - 2.5% to holders
    - 1.5% to support our team

    Please note that some marketplaces don’t have royalties implemented right now, but our project will follow the Cardano royalties CIP-0027 standard, so it should work out of the box as soon as all marketplaces roll out that feature.

  • If you're purchasing in the secondary market like CNFT.io you need to check the policy ID for each Galactic 7 CNFT that you plan to buy.

    You need to confirm that the policy ID is correct:

    Galactic 7 - Zenith CNFT: 24b5f9735a77c82091dbd7381ca887da26cf45c35986038b0e6a3522
    Galactic 7 - Dara CNFT: d3600023eaf52f05e50d26aea7fdc7382258638ae0142cbc8930793a

    CNFT.io: Zenith

    CNFT.io: Dara